Between the Worlds 2023 Registration

By clicking the "I agree" below,
you agree that you have read and understood the Covenants of BTW and you agree to abide by them while at the festival.

In addition, by clicking on the "I agree" below, you also agree to the following:

I, or anyone brought with me, will be pre-registered and 21 years of age by opening day of
Between the Worlds, Mon August 7th.

If I, or anyone brought with me, is not pre-registered and 21 years of age by opening day of BTW, I understand that I and/or they will not be allowed to enter or attend the festival.

I understand that I assume full responsibility for my personal welfare and property under all circumstances while at the festival.

I understand that Between the Worlds is being held in a primitive camping area, and that I must exercise caution to maintain the health and safety of myself while at the festival.

If selling or bartering goods and/or services at Between the Worlds, I understand that I and my goods and/or services are not covered under the liability insurance policies of Green Faerie Grove, Between the Worlds, or the event venue with which Between the Worlds is held. I also understand that I am responsible for collecting Ohio state sales tax, if applicable. I hold harmless GFG, BTW, and/or the event venue for any liability associated with or arising from these issues.

I understand that the bartering or selling of alcohol while at the festival is strictly prohibited in accordance with Ohio state law.

I understand that if I choose not to comply with the Covenants of Between the Worlds, I shall be required to leave the festival and that I will waive my right to any refund.

I understand that I will be signing a liability waiver when checking in on opening day of the festival.

I understand that as a part of registration, my COVID vaccinations are up to date or will be up to date by registration close and will provide GFG with proof before arrival.
An email will be provided later to all registrants to provide proof of COVID vaccine